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Seffner Christian Academy Hot Lunch Program

When ordering SCA lunches for your child, please remember:

  • Fountain Drinks are available at lunchtime for students in 3rd grade and up. 
  • Microwaves are available for students in 3rd grade and up.
  • If your child will be late for school and you want to order lunch that day, please call the office before 9:30 am. No lunch orders    can be placed after that time.
  • If your child forgets their lunch, it must be brought to the office for pick up.
  • Lunch Ordering Policies and Procedures
Dietary Needs and/or Food Allergies: Parents/guardians must inform the school each year of a child’s dietary needs or food allergies to discuss appropriate arrangements with food services. A listing of ingredients or caloric values may be provided by the Director of Food Services upon request by the parent or guardian. 

Please email with questions regarding the SCA menu. 

Sample Lunch Menu


Monday - Corn Dog Nuggets, Chips, Dessert, Drink
Tuesday - Chick Fil A, Fries, Dessert, Drink
Wednesday -Cuban Sandwich, Chips, Dessert, Drink
Thursday - Macaroni and Cheese, Peas, Dessert, Drink
Friday - Pizza, Chips, Ice Cream, Drink


School Lunches

Hot lunches, Baked Potatoes, Salads, Ham and Cheese or PBJ sandwiches are available for purchase everyday. 

Preschool - $3.75
K5-5th  - $4.75
6-12  - $5.00
Chick Fil A - $6.00

LATE ORDERS (after 9:30 am) - $5.50
**A late order lunch consists of a PB&J or Ham and Cheese sandwich, Chips, and a drink.

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