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  Name Title
Arielle Albers Albers, Arielle Physical Education
Sarah Aldridge Aldridge, Sarah 4th Grade
Colette Appelo Appelo, Colette
Joy Austin Austin, Joy High School English
Donna Baird Baird, Donna SIA Coordinator
Scott Betts Betts, Scott Middle School Science/Bible
Renee Blain Blain, Renee
Heather Brown Brown, Heather Middle School Science/High School Art
Maryann Brown Brown, Maryann K2/K3
Jamie Canterbury Canterbury, Jamie Director of Administrative Programs
Mark Canterbury Canterbury, Mark Dir. of Institutional Adv./CFO
Melodye Cates Cates, Melodye Elementary Administrative Assistant
Bethea Cock Cock, Bethea Admissions Director
Melissa Cock Cock, Melissa High School Math and Bible
Candice Coletti Coletti, Candice High School English
Holly Collins Collins, Holly Elementary Music
Meloyde Cook Cook, Meloyde Art Instructor
Londa Davis Davis, Londa High School Office
Matt Day Day, Matt High School History
Jody Duncan Duncan, Jody Director of Community and Student Outreach
Roger Duncan Duncan, Roger Head of School
Beth Eller Eller, Beth Middle School Bible
Mallory Everitt Everitt, Mallory Director of Guidance
Bethany Finch Finch, Bethany Band Director
Degrando Franks Franks, Degrando Athletic Director
Heather Gray Gray, Heather High School History
Gloria Guy Guy, Gloria Family Billing Coordinator
Terry Guy Guy, Terry Facility and Safety Coor
Chris Haddad Haddad, Chris High School Math
Joyce Hobson Hobson, Joyce 3rd Grade
Andy Holmes Holmes, Andy Asst. Athletic Director
Sara Humphries Humphries, Sara 2nd Grade
Tiffany Jost Jost, Tiffany Middle Sch Lang Arts
Candace Kremann Kremann, Candace K4 Teacher Aide
Amy Kretzer Kretzer, Amy Middle School Principal
William Kruppa Kruppa, William High School Math
Pam Llewellyn Llewellyn, Pam 1st Grade
Kelly Loving Loving, Kelly Food Services Coordinator
Jennifer McCann McCann, Jennifer 5th Grade
Samuel Moorer Moorer, Samuel Asst. Head of School
Amber Moyer Moyer, Amber 5th Grade
Stephanie Newland Newland, Stephanie Elementary Principal
Mandy Newton Newton, Mandy 3rd Grade
Linda Norton Norton, Linda High School Latin/Writi
Omar Ortega Ortega, Omar Facility & Safety Team
Andrew Pennington Pennington, Andrew Middle School Boys PE
Andrew Pennington Pennington, Andrew Middle School Boys PE
Heidi Phillips Phillips, Heidi Computer Instructor
Jeremy Pletcher Pletcher, Jeremy High School Math/Science
Maggie Pope Pope, Maggie High School Prinicpal
Jaquette Porter Porter, Jaquette K5
Monica Radd Radd, Monica K5
Stephanie Roberts Roberts, Stephanie 1st Grade
Viki Roberts Roberts, Viki Receptionist
Shana Rollins Rollins, Shana Food Service Team
Beth Roosen Roosen, Beth Middle School Math
Debbie Saunders Saunders, Debbie Elementary PE
Sara Shock Shock, Sara Dean of Student Services
Janet Simpson Simpson, Janet Librarian
Cresent Skees Skees, Cresent High School Science Teacher
Kevin Skiles Skiles, Kevin Fine Arts Director
Moriah Skinner Skinner, Moriah 4th Grade
Elisa Stephens Stephens, Elisa Middle School History
Jodie Stephens-Schloss Stephens-Schloss, Jodie MS PE/BIBLE
Sawyer Thomas Thomas, Sawyer Middle School Language Arts
Vivi Torres Torres, Vivi First Aid and Records Coordinator
Tyler Van Bussum Van Bussum, Tyler
Matthew Van Kleeck Van Kleeck, Matthew Dean of Students
Amber Varney Varney, Amber Director of Support Services
Terry Varney Varney, Terry Human Resources/Accounts Payable
Maggie Vazquez Vazquez, Maggie K4
Devrett Wade Wade, Devrett High School History
Rochelle Weaver Weaver, Rochelle Extended Care Supervisor
Kristie Wright Wright, Kristie K2/K3

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