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2019 Helping Hands Information

Watch our informational video here.


We are excited to kick off our annual fall school fundraising event, The Helping Hands Project! Each year, this event raises significant dollars for our school and increases our school’s community exposure. The purpose is three-fold:

  • To encourage and foster the development of a servant’s heart in the lives of our students.
  •  To raise significant dollars to assist in the continued enhancement and improvement of our educational program.

  • To be an encouragement and testimony to our community and surrounding areas.

Your role in making this project a success is very simple. Please fill out the sponsorship forms provided. You can use family members, friends, Christmas mailing list, doctors, dentists or business associates that might be willing to sponsor your child as they complete their service project. Our goal is to raise $85,000 this year and will be used to help us with several projects around school: campus safety and playground improvements. This event is like a walk-a-thon; but instead of walking around a track we are going to help people in our community.

We want to be a blessing in our community and help our students develop a servant’s heart. We will send home all the materials you need to make this a successful event. Remember, the service project is intended for the community, not for the individuals who sponsor your child, we are not charging the people we help on the project day. The money raised during this event will help us with several projects around school. Please feel free to contact the school office with any questions.

Interested in Giving to our Helping Hands Project? Please click here

NOTE: To ensure the student you sponsor receives credit, please list their name in the "Honor Of" box. 

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Sample service projects:

  • Visit an assisted living home
  • Send cards to troops overseas
  • Volunteer at a childrens' home
  • Make crafts for the elderly


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