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Secondary Help Class Schedule

Middle School Help Class Days- 2018-2019


Monday- 3:15-3:45
Mrs. Brown- Science 
Mr. Betts- Science 

Tuesday 7:00-7:30am or 3:15-4:00pm
Mrs. Haddad- Math (see class calendar for which week/time)
Wednesday- 3:15-3:45
Mrs. Stephens- History
Mrs. Roosen- Math

Mrs. Haddad- Math

Thursday- 3:15-3:45
Mrs. Jost- English/ Reading
Mrs. Thomas- Reading/English

Friday: None

Bible & Computer: Make appointment with your teacher for any additional help.



Mr. Chambers- 3:10-3:45
Mrs. Cock- 3:15-3:45
Dr. Head- 3:15-3:45
Mr. Pletcher- 3:05-3:45

Mrs. Haddad- 7:00-7:30am or 3:15-4:00pm (see class calendar for which week/time)
Mr. Kruppa (Algebra 1)- 7:00-7:30am

Mr. DeHate- 3:05-3:45
Mrs. Gray- 3:15-3:45
Mr. Kruppa (Algebra 1 Honors) 7:00-7:30am
Mrs. Norton- 7:00-7:30am
Mrs. Price- 3:15-3:45

Mr. Skiles- 7:15-7:45am (By appointment only)

Ms. Austin- 3:15-4:00

Mrs. Coletti- 3:15-3:45
Mr. Day- 3:15-3:45 
Mr. Kruppa (Algebra 2)- 7:00-7:30am
Ms. Skees- 3:05-4:00

Friday: None

For any teacher not listed, please email for available help times.

By appointment only:
Mrs. Phillips (Computer)-
Mrs. Albers (HOPE)-
Mr. Wade
Mrs. Canterbury


High School Testing Center

Make up testing is available in P712 (Mr. Pletcher’s room)  Tuesday/Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Please communicate with your teacher to let them know which date to have the test available to you in the testing center. 

New School Year