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Elementary Learning Plan (K5-5th Grade)


Beginning on Thursday, March 19th:
K5-5th grade teachers will send daily emails to their class with a detailed plan for each day's instructions and activities. 

Wednesday, March 18th from 9 AM - 7 PM:
Parents may stop by the front office to pick up resources and student supplies for their daily activities that teachers will be emailing home. 

How can I help my child at home?

  • Set a schedule that implements designated learning time.
  • Eliminate ancillary distractions as much as possible - i.e. Phone, TV, etc. 
  • Periodically confirm student work by having your child show you their work. 
  • Any completed work will be returned to your teacher when students return to campus. 

What if I need extra help?
If you need additional help in classroom work, please email your child’s teacher. SCA teachers will be working 8am - 3pm, Monday - Friday.  If you are unable to reach your teacher within 24 business hours, please email your principal. 

How will attendance be checked?
Attendance will be counted based upon the completion of the student's required weekly assignments that are submitted to the teacher. 

Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Newland-