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Seffner Christian Academy is well-known in the surrounding community for being a Christ-centered school with outstanding academic programs, championship-level athletics, award winning fine arts, mission and service outreach efforts, and numerous other programs that are designed to impact, nurture, and develop our students for God’s glory. Providing these quality services is a most worthy endeavor, but it is also a costly one. As a private, Christian school, SCA relies heavily on charitable gifts from generous donors to help us cover the costs to provide our students with the excellent Christian education they so deserve. This means that contributions from parents, grandparents, alumni, friends, and community are vital to the life, mission and improvement of our school. 

Listed below are the answers to some commonly asked questions as it relates to giving to SCA:

When you give to SCA, you are making an investment in the power of Christian education and the advancement of the gospel. As a Christian school ministry, we have the opportunity to influence and partner with hundreds of families and students every single school year. We are passionate about sharing the gospel, discipleship and instilling a Biblical worldview in each of our students. We are dedicated to Biblical stewardship of funds and of the opportunity we have to further God’s kingdom. 

It is through your partnership in giving that we are able to continue living out a vision for SCA that reaches beyond typical school experiences. Each year we have been blessed to see students accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and we want to continue to see others saved, along with seeing young believers grow firm in their faith! Our desire is to continue to attract gifted and dedicated Christian instructors (providing them with the classrooms, space and resources), grow discipleship programs (in anticipation of the challenges they will meet outside of SCA), expand mission work that involves our students in the great commission, and provide the very best education for our students. 

No, it does not. This means that it is necessary each year for us to raise funds to cover the financial “gap” between what tuition and fees cover and the actual expense of operating SCA.  Money received beyond tuition provides the solid financial support necessary to continue programs and opportunities that we want every SCA student to experience. It also helps us in our pursuit to see SCA programs and facilities continue to improve. 

At SCA, we strive to maintain affordable tuition rates simply because we are committed to making our education and training available to as many families as possible. Perhaps never before in our history has there been a greater need for Christian education to be accessible to children throughout our nation. 

Your contribution will be used in whatever manner you desire. There are a number of different categories from which to choose to designate your financial gift. Examples of these categories would be:

(a)  Designating your contribution to the greatest financial need at SCA. The greatest financial needs vary from school year to school year. Some years, it may be for technology upgrades. Other years, it might be campus security or the purchasing of a new school vehicle. 

(b)  Designating your contribution to a specific facility enhancement. If you currently have an elementary student in our school, you may wish to contribute to playground improvements. If you have a high school student, you may wish to donate for upgrades to our science lab. If your child is involved in fine arts or athletics, you might consider donating for facility improvements in those areas. 

(c)  Designating your contribution to the Ignite the Vision school capital campaign. This campaign was launched in October of 2019 and entails our hopes and dreams for SCA, from a facility standpoint. To view the entire campus improvement plan, click here.

(d)  Designate your contribution to providing tuition assistance for families in need. Each year, we set aside a designated amount of funds for financial aid. SCA uses a third party agency to determine which families may qualify for tuition assistance. Monies contributed to this need-based cause will help ensure that more and more families can be blessed with the privilege of attending SCA.

(c) MAJOR GIFTS- For use in retiring school debt, investing in new facilities, upgrading and repairing existing facilities, etc…
(d) MEMORIAL GIVING- For those who desire to honor or memorialize another individual
(g) CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS- Many employers will match contributions that are made to SCA.



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If you have other questions or would like to speak with us in regards to making a contribution to SCA, please contact our Institutional Advancement Office at 813-626-0001 ext #266.