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The Middle School Program

The middle school years can be challenging for both students and parents. Seffner Christian Academy’s middle school vision is to provide a consistent, accountable, and loving environment for students to flourish in with sound academics, spiritual guidance, and a variety of activities in which they can participate. The middle school department offers a challenging and diverse program that prepares students to take the next step into high school. Students are taught organizational and study skills to enable them to be prepared for upcoming academic and social challenges in the future.

The SCA middle school team is a caring and committed staff of experienced teachers that help provide the balance necessary for students to grow academically, physically and spiritually in a secure and safe setting. The culture and curriculum builds the bridge between elementary and high school, preparing them for more responsibility. The program offers a strong, core curriculum of mathematics, language arts, science, reading, and history with a variety of electives including art, band, choir, critical thinking, world cultures, and technology. Courses are taught on an advanced level, and honors mathematics and science courses are offered as an option in seventh and eighth grades. All middle school students utilze iPads for textbooks, assignments, and instructional enhancement.

Every middle school student participates in physical education and Bible classes on a daily basis, which are built into their eight period a day schedule. Sixth through eighth grade students have the privilege of taking a Latin infused Language Arts course which aids in vocabulary building, higher standardized test scores, and high school preparation.

Most significantly, the middle school team strives to help students mature spiritually during these three pivotal years. While working with the families, the school can assist students in becoming Christian worldview thinkers and to develop a biblical set of values that will stand up to the pressures of this world. These values are reinforced in weekly chapel services (for all 6th – 12th grade students).

Once students enter middle school, they are eligible to try out for the middle school athletic program.
Boys: football, soccer, tennis, basketball, track, and cross country. 
Girls: soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cross country, track, and cheerleading.

Middle School Highlights:
-6th Grade Field Trip to Sea World
-7th Grade Field Trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios
-8th Grade Week long trip to Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, and Jamestown
-Middle School Theme Week 
-Beta Club (Middle School Honor Society)
-Service Projects
-Band & Choir Performances at Music Festivals
-Band & Choir Concerts
-Art Competitions

If you would like to contact our Admissions Director to find out more ways our Middle School program can benefit your child, click here.