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Thank you for your interest in Seffner Christian Academy’s Head of School search. We invite you to review the following documents as a way to familiarize yourself not only with our school, but also with the outline of what the school is looking to find in the next Head of School.

Opportunity Statement

Seffner Christian Academy was founded in 1983 as a ministry of First Free Will Baptist Church of Tampa. Located in Seffner, Florida, the SCA campus spans 38 acres and is currently in phase 1 of a major building project. Since inception, SCA has had a desire to minister to students, parents, and the surrounding community through a nondenominational, college preparatory education that is distinctly Christian in nature. Established as an evangelical school, students and families representing a diverse range of ethnicities, denominations, and races have come to be a part of the SCA community. With consistent growth, SCA has continued to expand in numbers, program offerings, and facilities, graduating the first twelfth grade class in 1999. Today enrollment in grades K2 through grade 12 has grown to over 750 students. 

Seffner Christian Academy has remained focused on providing a quality Christian education while fostering students’ growth in their Christian walk. Teachers and school leaders work to live out the mission of preparing Christ followers to live out the Great Commission. The Word of God is integrated into every subject area alongside high standards for student achievement. Graduates from Seffner Christian Academy are competitive in college and university admissions and in the workplace. With intentional program design focused on offering a range of opportunities in fine arts, technology, and athletics, students are encouraged to find the gifts God has equipped them with. 

Seffner Christian’s athletics program offers a comprehensive array of options for middle and high school students. As a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association, Seffner Christian has earned several district and regional  championships in numerous sports. The sports facilities on campus have continued to be improved and will be added to in upcoming stages of the building project. 

The Fine Arts department at SCA looks for opportunities to grow in art, music, drama, and digital art. With a comprehensive program emphasizing skill and enjoyment, students are exposed to the fine arts in elementary through high school. The choir, band, and art classes participate in festivals and use their talents to minister to others. The high school fine arts classes are performance-based, providing authentic ways for students to share their talents through opportunities such as art shows or displays, choir’s annual participation in Disney’s Candlelight Processional, multiple drama performances, and band performances at games and school events. 

Looking forward, Seffner Christian will need to navigate the continued growth, while balancing the need for campus improvements and a steadfast commitment to the core Christian values and culture that mark a distinctly Christian school. With the Tampa Bay area named one of the fastest growing markets, Seffner Christian will look to add a head of school to the leadership team that is committed to balancing a growing school with a focus on ministering to students who need Jesus as well as supporting and encouraging teachers who are balancing an ever-diverse range of learner needs and cultural changes.


The position of Head of School at Seffner Christian Academy (Ministry) requires the employee to perform ministerial functions, which are an integral part of his/her employment. He/she should display the gospel with intentionality as we provide quality education as fitting the Lord: . The Head of School will also be required to live on- and off-duty in accordance with the Ministry’s statement of faith, code of conduct, and general beliefs.

The Head of School is a leader passionate about leading a missional K2-12 school. Immediately responsible to the school board, the Head of School is responsible for all academic, personnel, business, and development matters of the school according to the policies and procedures established by it. The Head of School promotes the school’s distinctly Christian culture among all constituents while remaining active in the day-to-day business, operations, and affairs of the school.


The Head of School shall be one who has received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The Head of School shall be a member in good standing of an evangelical church and shall lead a mature Christian life. He/she shall reflect the purpose and objectives of Christian education and the philosophy and policies of Seffner Christian Academy. The Head of School must hold a master’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in related areas of education and/or leadership. The Head of School must hold an ACSI All Levels Principal or Superintendent certificate or be able to obtain one. A state certification is also desirable. The Head of School should have six years of school leadership experience with at least three on an executive leadership level.



  1. Maintain a testimony and evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, committing to biblical standards for all conduct (sexual, interpersonal, etc.) on- and off-campus.
  2. Be an active member and faithful participant of a local Bible believing church.
  3. Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned, so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us. (Titus 2:7-8)
  4. Implement biblical principles in dealing with students, parents, staff/administration, including resolution of all conflicts through application of the Matthew 18 principle.
  5. Place a daily emphasis on Biblical integration through the curriculum and the willingness to lead Bible studies, chapels, and devotions as needed.
  6. Show support for the role of parents as primarily responsible before God for their child's education and assist them in the task.
  7. Encourage students to accept God's gift of salvation and to grow in their faith and embrace the reality of their identity in Christ.
  8. Be an active and positive force in supporting the school and entire ministry on- and off-campus, placing this ministry in a place of priority. Practice spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, and spiritual education. Study and demonstrate a strength in Biblical worldview development and best practices of Biblical education.


  1. Be knowledgeable of the policies and procedures of SCA, administering the school in conformity with board policy, school policy, and state laws (so long as they do not violate the Scripture upon which the school is founded).
  2. Coordinate the preparation and maintenance of the school’s governing documents.
  3. Attend all board meetings, providing any requested documentation and participating in all deliberations of the board.
  4. Ensure the proper functioning of the academic program and operations as a good steward of the resources of the school.
  5. Oversee personal and professional growth of the leadership, faculty and staff including taking part in hiring, firing, and coaching needs.
  6. Nurture the spiritual growth of the school through prayer and devotions with staff as needed.
  7. Work closely with the CFO/business office in successful management of the budget and finances.
  8. Ensure school-wide legal requirements in documentation, health and safety, and accreditation standards are met or exceeded.
  9. Oversee all personnel policies such as salary, placement, leave, fringe benefits, discipline and grievance procedures, and conflict resolution between stakeholders through biblical principles.
  1. Work closely with the AHOS of Curriculum and principals in ensuring the development and maintenance of a strong, research-based educational program that aligns with the mission/vision of the school.
  2. Understand the Christian model of education as it relates to worldview integration, incorporating Bible teaching and worldview training into all aspects of curriculum and instruction.
  3. Work with leadership in continuous progress monitoring of student achievement and teacher growth through classroom visitation, observations, evaluations, content, classroom management, testing data and evaluation, etc.
  1. Lead and maintain good public relations with the various constituents in the community.
  2. Facilitate and participate in development initiatives working with stakeholders to carefully cast visions and assess future needs.
  3. Provide regular communication with stakeholders through the Annual State of the School communication.
  4. Coordinate with the admissions team to facilitate an effective and intentional admissions experience that reflects the school culture and values.
  5. Lead in the building of and maintenance of good relations with all stakeholders.
  1. Supervise the welfare of the student body and the individual students’ spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.
  2. Assist in consistent and fair implementation of policies of discipline as defined in the Code of conduct.
  3. Help cultivate a culture of Christ on campus through strategic teacher training, student support pieces, and positive interaction between faculty/staff and students.


  1. The Head of School is regularly required to stand and walk the various distances across campus multiple times a day.
  2. The Head of School is frequently required to sit, reach, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, talk, see and hear.
  3. Ability to work in environments where the noise level is unusually high.
  4. Regularly lift and move up to 10 pounds and frequently lift and move up to 25 pounds.
    *Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Thank you for spending the time to review our Opportunity Statement, Job Description & Qualification, and Duties & Responsibilities. If you meet these parameters and are interested in applying, please fill out the interest form below. After resumes are reviewed, an application packet will be sent to prospective candidates. Thank you.

Head of School Interest Form



Head of School Letter

January 24, 2022
By Roger Duncan II

Dear Parents: 

We are off and running into this second semester of the school year. As usual, the month of January is full of activities and events involving all realms of our school program (Fine Arts, athletics, re-enrollment, etc), and before we know it, we will be into the month of February. 

We have seen the Lord bless SCA this school year in so many ways, and one of the most significant ways is in the area of enrollment. Many of you are aware that this year we enrolled over 750 students – the most in the 39-year history of our school. This growth has created an even greater sense of urgency for our school leadership to be thinking about the future of SCA, and what plans and structures need to be implemented in order to prepare this ministry for its greatest years to come. In October of this year, the Lord clearly and firmly confirmed to me that it was time for a new season for our organization, specifically as it relates to my title and position as Head of School. I have been privileged to serve in this capacity since 2002, and I praise the Lord for His strength, favor, and faithfulness to me, my family, and SCA during this time.  In preparing and planning for the next chapter at SCA, I am announcing that my title and position for next school year will be changing, and we will begin a search for a new Head of School. The new Head of School will join our current administrative team in taking over the day-to-day operations in running and leading SCA, and I will be transitioning to a role that allows me to serve in a global capacity for the ministry. I will continue to be a part of the ministry as a whole and involved in assisting our new Head of School in his/her transition.  

In closing, I want to say how excited I am about the future of SCA. I am asking that you join us in faithfully praying that God will bless as we begin our search and that He will send us the exact person we need to be our next Head of School. As a part of our school family, we invite you to share your thoughts about SCA here, and want you to know that we will be providing periodic updates on the progress of our search to our school family. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for SCA.

Roger Duncan II
Head of School
Seffner Christian Academy